'Jack'ed up leg

Jack was finishing some work on our basement when the saw slipped out and cut a deep gash in his thigh. It sliced right through a major muscle, which made him unable to use that leg for the next few weeks! His leg is in bad shape, but the basement looks good! :)

Comin' Back Home

Gerald decided to sell his business. Nick, Bob, John, and I will be notified when it is purchased, and if the new owner decides to keep it running, or if we will be needed again. Until then, Andi has accepted a job back in Colorado - the place we consider home. With the upgrades we made on our home, our realtor is confident we can get more than our money back, but we will likely get an apartment in Colorado until we know for sure. We'll keep you all updated.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Jackson's first ball game was at Citi-field...home of the Mets. I'm not sure how much longer we'll be on the East coast, so I wanted him to see a game out here before we leave.

We got great seats off 3rd base, and he was one of 6 people to catch a foul ball (with Daddy's help)!!! Jackson got a game ball on his first game!!!