Belize Vacation!!

For Thanksgiving this year we decided to go to Belize! We've always wanted to go and we found a great package deal online, so we're off to Central America. We will be 'giving thanks' for such a great vacation spot. The Fitzgeralds have agreed to watch the boys for that week. So they will get to play with their friends John and Robert while we're getting our tan on! Thanksgivings all around!!!! We'll let you know how it goes.

12 weeks left!!

We have just twelve weeks until the boys get to meet their little sister! Andi doesn't like pictures taken of her, much less when she's pregnant, but I took a few abstract ones, and she doesn't seem to mind them - at least today. :) We're pretty set on naming the baby "Reagan," to continue the presidential theme, but we'll see...Stay tuned!

Back In Golden!!

We're now back in Golden, where we belong. It was a fun trip to East coast, but we missed Colorado. We rented an apartment until we can find a house in an area near the boys new school.

'Jack'ed up leg

Jack was finishing some work on our basement when the saw slipped out and cut a deep gash in his thigh. It sliced right through a major muscle, which made him unable to use that leg for the next few weeks! His leg is in bad shape, but the basement looks good! :)

Comin' Back Home

Gerald decided to sell his business. Nick, Bob, John, and I will be notified when it is purchased, and if the new owner decides to keep it running, or if we will be needed again. Until then, Andi has accepted a job back in Colorado - the place we consider home. With the upgrades we made on our home, our realtor is confident we can get more than our money back, but we will likely get an apartment in Colorado until we know for sure. We'll keep you all updated.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Jackson's first ball game was at Citi-field...home of the Mets. I'm not sure how much longer we'll be on the East coast, so I wanted him to see a game out here before we leave.

We got great seats off 3rd base, and he was one of 6 people to catch a foul ball (with Daddy's help)!!! Jackson got a game ball on his first game!!!

America's Loss

From all accounts, it seems that my boss, Gerald (shown here in his shop) will not be coming back to America. In his last trip to London, he was told his life expectancy is not very long. He has chosen to stay in his home country and be with friends and family. He is the best Horologist in America. Our loss is Britian's gain. Best of luck, Gerald.

Family Reunion

We just got back from a reunion with Andi's family in Utah. It was very fun!! The boys had a great time playing with all their cousins, and Andi and I were able to relax and have some fun of our own. We spent most of the time at Crystal Hot Springs, and the rest of the time at Richard's house. Great trip!!

Stealing the Show!

The cutest kids at the wedding! Our new friends, the Leclercq's are getting married in two weeks, so the boys got new suits. Sure, it should be about Bjarne and Ella's day, but I'm afraid these two are going to steal the show! Congrats to Bjarne, and the soon-to-be Mrs. Leclercq!


After a recent doctor's visit, we confirmed that the pregnancy is going well. The baby is now 15 weeks along! We went out celebrate and are very excited for number 3 to come!

Basement progress

I just finished putting in the flooring yesterday! Last week I put in the recessed bookshelves and the decorative pillar. Next will be the playroom...

Jackson's Birthday

We just celebrated Jackson's 4th birthday! He got to go to Chuck E. Cheese instead of his nap! We then had a huge party with his friends! It was really fun. Next year he'll be starting kindergarten, so we're trying to get him prepped. He can write his ABC's and up to 100. We're hoping to have addition and subtraction down by the time he starts, but we'll take it at his pace. But for now, we're just excited that he's four, and can't believe how fast the time goes!!

New house!

I just got back from closing on our new house! It's our little slice of Heaven in Georgetown (a few miles SE of Ridgefield). It has a nice big backyard, 3 bedrooms, a creek in the back, a partially finished basement, and it's only about 10 minutes from my new job!! We'll start moving on May 1st and hope to be in our new place by the 5th.


Connecticut Here We Come!
On April 28th we will be moving to Ridgefield, CT. Jack has accepted a position at The Horologist of London (although it's not in London...more's the pity). I am flying out to close (hopefully) on our new home later this week. We're all very excited, and will keep you updated...