All Aboard!

Jackson just turned five! What a handsome little guy! Looks just like his dad. :) What better to do at age 5 than go international! We all went to Canada on Amtrak!! One of Jackson's favorite things is trains so we all got on board and went for a rail trip. And "what a long, strange trip it's been" (Grateful Dead - Jackson's favorite band). Hopefully I'll get more photos of our trip posted here.

Reagan Arrives!!

We now have a beautiful daughter! Reagan Sarajda Xander was born on December 18, 2009 at 4:20pm. She was a petite and perfect 7lbs. So far, so good. Now to introduce her to her two brothers!

Vacation Hot Spot

For Thanksgiving this year we had a wonderful time in Belize. This is a picture of one of our excursions to a small outer island where Jack took a Kayak (the red one) to look for sea turtles and Andi got a deeper tan on the beach. Overall it was very relaxing and nice.

Belize Vacation!!

For Thanksgiving this year we decided to go to Belize! We've always wanted to go and we found a great package deal online, so we're off to Central America. We will be 'giving thanks' for such a great vacation spot. The Fitzgeralds have agreed to watch the boys for that week. So they will get to play with their friends John and Robert while we're getting our tan on! Thanksgivings all around!!!! We'll let you know how it goes.

12 weeks left!!

We have just twelve weeks until the boys get to meet their little sister! Andi doesn't like pictures taken of her, much less when she's pregnant, but I took a few abstract ones, and she doesn't seem to mind them - at least today. :) We're pretty set on naming the baby "Reagan," to continue the presidential theme, but we'll see...Stay tuned!

Back In Golden!!

We're now back in Golden, where we belong. It was a fun trip to East coast, but we missed Colorado. We rented an apartment until we can find a house in an area near the boys new school.

'Jack'ed up leg

Jack was finishing some work on our basement when the saw slipped out and cut a deep gash in his thigh. It sliced right through a major muscle, which made him unable to use that leg for the next few weeks! His leg is in bad shape, but the basement looks good! :)

Comin' Back Home

Gerald decided to sell his business. Nick, Bob, John, and I will be notified when it is purchased, and if the new owner decides to keep it running, or if we will be needed again. Until then, Andi has accepted a job back in Colorado - the place we consider home. With the upgrades we made on our home, our realtor is confident we can get more than our money back, but we will likely get an apartment in Colorado until we know for sure. We'll keep you all updated.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Jackson's first ball game was at Citi-field...home of the Mets. I'm not sure how much longer we'll be on the East coast, so I wanted him to see a game out here before we leave.

We got great seats off 3rd base, and he was one of 6 people to catch a foul ball (with Daddy's help)!!! Jackson got a game ball on his first game!!!

America's Loss

From all accounts, it seems that my boss, Gerald (shown here in his shop) will not be coming back to America. In his last trip to London, he was told his life expectancy is not very long. He has chosen to stay in his home country and be with friends and family. He is the best Horologist in America. Our loss is Britian's gain. Best of luck, Gerald.